21 Feb 2012 General

Sivaratri with Amma

21 Feb 2012 – Sivaratri in Amritapuri, with Amma

Usually Amma is on tour for the Sivaratri (Night of Lord Shiva) which occurs in the month of February. During this special occasion, devotees are supposed to stay awake all night chanting bhajans to Lord Shiva.
But this year, as no tours are planned, Amma was in Amritapuri for that special holy day and everyone was waiting with anticipation for possibilities of Amma doing something to remember for the occasion…

At around 11pm, and as bhajans for Lord Shiva were being sang by small groups of ashramites and devotees, Amma came out of her room and walked around the ashram premises to check on various construction works that are underway at Amritapuri. Soon, she walked back towards her room and sat in the open area near the steps that lead to the room for some time…

Just before midnight, she asked for the bell to be rang and everyone was called to join her! Many were still up, waiting for such a unique opportunity. In no time the place got filled with joyful ashramites and devotees.

Looking at everyone with love and playfulness, Amma took a drum and started the beats of a Shiva bhajan… Everyone joined in and enjoyed singing along with Amma…

This was followed by another bhajan… Later, when special prasad was brought to Amma (Banana chunks cooked with jaggery), she started lovingly passing it on to all those present…

Around 1am Amma was back in her room, leaving hearts and faces filled with love and inner joy.

As this blog is posted, the time is nearing 4am, and the Kali temple is resonating with Shiva bhajans that have been going on none-stop since the evening…

Happy Sivaratri to all from Amritapuri!


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  1. wow…We realy njoyed..:) It was realy awesome..

  2. Nice to see this post… Thanks for sharing quickly……
    Only painful feeling in my heart is that I missed this golden opportunity to be with AMMA on Mahashivaratri…
    Shiv Shamho…..Shiv Shambho …… Shiv Shambho………..

  3. Jai Siva Samkara
    Jai Hara Samkara

  4. thanks priyan, reading your post and looking at the pictures gives us at least a tiny bit of “being” with AMMA too on this special night.

  5. It was really an amazing and unique experience… I feel so fortunate!!

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