A bit less than a year ago, Amritapuri was welcoming 6 new special residents: the miniature indigenous cows from two endangered breeds in India, the Vichoor Cow and the Kasargod Dwarf. The very species that Krishna once played with and made so dear to his heart…

(Read about their arrival)

Since then, the 4 adults (Shankar the bull; Parvati, Ganga and Saraswati the cows) and the 2 calves Kasturi and Sreekutty (both females) have enjoyed happy days in Amritapuri and made their presence dearly appreciated by all the ‘other residents’ here (us). Each morning they have two hours in the open sun, then spend the rest of the day in the shade just outside their shed which they only use for the night.

Kasturi and Sreekutty have grown into young adults and Parvati, Ganga and Saraswati have each had a new baby calf, bringing the Amritapuri family of these almost extinct breeds to 9 members.

Meet the new comers:
They are Gauri, born late December; Ganesh, the only male calf, born in the first days of February; and another tiny female calf (yet to be named by Amma), born on the 19th of February. (see photos below)

It is really special to see them move around anytime of the day. The mothers are extremely protective and the babies are tiny, curious and cute like little fawns. Their spirit of discovery is very obvious when they are left to roam around the cowshed… Gauri came inside the computer room the other day, Ganesh enjoys jumping and playing with Thumban and Bhakti the ashram dogs, and the youngest one is fascinated by the nice smells at the door of the ashram bakery…

(Read about the birth of another calf in 2007)

Enjoy the photos below.


Ganesh meets his new sister

Gauri was born in the last days of December

Ganesh already shows his authority

The latest member of the family is just 1 week old

Ganesh bonds with his mother Ganga

The little one enjoying the affection of its mother Saraswati

Resting in the shade outside the cowshed

Kasturi was just 2 months old when she moved to Amritapuri last year

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  1. Here in New England, USA we have an almost extinct breed of indigenous cows (Randall cattle) which I am lucky enough to buy the milk of every week. In this way I am able to feel closer to Amma and Amritapuri.

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures, Priyanji. All of them are soooo cute. I just went back to my childhood days when we had cows and calves in our house. I used to adorn the calves by putting garlands and applying kumkum tikkas on their forehead.
    Wish I was in Amritapuri and hugging all of them.

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