The other day, while walking to the beach for the afternoon meditation, Amma heard some birds singing. While enjoying their melodies and chirping, she said to the ashramites walking with her:
“ Amma had the wish to one day see many birds make Amritapuri their home. She had a wish that many birds build their nests here and many chicks hatch and fill the surroundings with their chirping and singing…”
“It seems that this wish is materializing now! Many birds are here now… They leave after the morning archana and come back for the evening bhajans!!” she added with a big smile!

For the past weeks or so, I had been keeping an eye on a crows’ nest right outside my room. I had noticed recently that the mother was not continuously sitting in the nest anymore, so I observed the nest more closely and found that a single chick had hatched and that he was starting, from time to time, to show his head, beak fully open, hoping/asking for more food from his caring parents. With some patience, I managed to take a few good shots of his actions…

The baby crow

Later, inspired by Amma’s words, a resident of the ashram took me to the place near the Ecology Department that many, many sea birds had recently made their own home. They all come here – various species of herons, egrets, sea ducks, etc. – to spend the night, making lots of noise each day around sunset…
I had visited the place a few times in the last few weeks and enjoyed the wonderful views of all the birds flocking in at sunset from all directions. A real sanctuary…
This time we visited it before the birds were due to return from their day’s fishing activities, and my guide showed me with great enthusiasm the nests of various species and some newly hatched chicks hiding at the base of the coconut trees’ large branches.

Below is a selection of the snaps that I succeeded in taking. Hoping that you will enjoy them!


A beautiful egret fixes her nest

Always ready to defend the precious eggs!

This picture of a pond heron was taken about 3/4 weeks earlier... (see below)

3/4 weeks later (see above), these 2 youngsters can stand on their own on the branches next to the nest

My baby crow neighbor is always hungry...

Feathers have not formed yet, but the eyes and beak are very clear

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  1. wow! so beautiful!!

  2. simple pleasures bring joy, thank you for sharing.

  3. Observe Mother Nature… You will find the answers for all your questions there… Thanks Priyan for the post…

  4. Beautiful pictures! Unfailingly they spread smiles on my face. 🙂 All Amma’s blessings. May we all take part in protecting Mother Nature.

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