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Q203: God’s Will?

Question 203:

If everything is God’s Will, is it not then also God who makes us commit mistakes? What is your opinion?

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  1. there’s this thing called “freewill” and “ego” which have nothing to do with god, just our limited “small self.” in the big picture it’s all god’s will but until we are united with god we won’t know this to be true. until then it’s better to take responsibility for our actions and not claim that everything is god’s will.

  2. When one has the deep knowledge that everything is God’ will, he won’t do anything wrong. Even if he does something wrong, he will take it as God’ itcha and move forward.

  3. God’s will is that ‘let man’s destiny be determined by his actions’ !

  4. A question that has been in mind as well for quite a long time. However, I have not found a convincing answer yet. At least this I believe for sure, there is ultimately no Good or Bad, it is all a Huge Cosmic plan with a balance that can never be comprehended completely by the human psyche. Thus no action can be a mistake too. We are here only to realise and understand the choices that we have already made.

  5. It is God’s will to let man’s destiny be determined by his actions.
    It is also God’s will to let man decide what actions he should perform.

    So, ultimately God is just a game organizer who decides the rules of the game. But it is for the man to play as per the rules. Man is free to play his best and score (and get the trophy), or play foul (and get kicked out of the match).

  6. God is the doer in all things. We learn who we are and who we are not through our mistakes. Through our mistakes we learn that when we harm another being we harm ourselves, we harm God. Through our mistakes we learn how to love more unconditionally. Through mistakes we learn humility when we feel remorse and ask for forgiveness. Through our mistakes we learn more about compassion. Through our mistakes we learn that God “is” the doer in all things, we are just the witness.

  7. If we say, God is only making us commit mistakes, then when we are suffering, we should have the similar conviction that God is only undergoing or experiencing the pain and sufferings and we should remain happy always 🙂

  8. i agree with avinash’s & ammasjp’s answers… i cant add anything else!

  9. Good and bad are creations of man. There is no clear cut demarcation. The attitude behind every action is what matters most. The laws of different countries contradict one another. What seems good by one set of people is found quite obnoxious for others. So to sum it up, only way out then would be to act selflessly and surrender to God. All action must be done with neither attraction nor repulsion. That would eventually lead us to truth no matter what we do.

  10. i think mistakes can come from lack of Shradda (awareness)

    keeping the mind occupied with constant sincere heartfelt mantra keeps it at a higher vibration – may help you have less mistakes per day therefore helps you align more with God too.

  11. …we have to try to become an instrument in the God’s Lotus Hands and try to drop the doership and enjoyership. (like a brush in the hands of a painter) Then we can make our mistakes also as God’s will other wise it is not possible.

  12. It is said that Everything is God’s creation except the Ego which is the cause of all suffering. God is beyond everything, limitless, infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Beyond good and evil. We after entangled in this limited Ego feeling called Me and Mine do all selfish actions which is cause of all suffering. Mistakes are all selfish actions. If we can manifest the true divinity within ourselves, then there is no question of mistakes or evil.

  13. That’s quite a question, which I’m sure all of us would have thought about a couple of times.
    There are times in life when often we feel why did this happen, how could I do this? When you do something of your volition, the consequences depend on the choice you follow. All of us have a choice, and if we make a good one (irrespective of how tough or how easy it has been) – we get a good result. But if we mess up things, we get a dicey outcome. But God is the one who makes sure no matter how much ever one has messed a situation up, he/she does not have to face consequences as dire.
    And if something happens which comes as a shock, or totally unexpected – it is the best to know that what happened is of God’s will – and not of one’s own. Such situations are a test of your faith – and the best solution is to trust the potter, the carver of your destiny.

  14. When one has a strong belief that GOD resides in him, he will think twice before doing anything because God is witnessing his every act. Whereas once greed takes over a person, all vicious thoughts enter him easily and he does everything wrong. Then he is free from GOD’s will.
    One can say this also our past and present karma makes us blunder

  15. When one attains the level when he is able to understand everything as God’s will then he is a mere witness to all happenings in life. He simply surrenders the results of all his actions at God’s Feet. Such attitude comes with knowledge and discrimination.. Hence doing something wrong intentionally cannot be done by him. God wants us to experience life and if we commit some mistake , we should learn from them as they give us deep knowledge which sometimes one gets only after having committed a mistake.

  16. i just read this quote of Amma’s and i guess it explains it all :

    “God gave us pen and paper; he offers hints on good and bad things we could write, but allows us the freedom to choose.”

  17. whats a mistake?
    who is the ‘One’ who makes anything?
    who is the ‘I’?
    who is ‘God’?

  18. In the language of the Bhagavad Gita: gunah guneshu vartante, the three gunas of prakriti, constitute all bodies. When a jiva comes under the spell of Rajoguna, the jiva blunders or commits mistakes such as robbery, attachment to property and wife or acts of similar kind. When a jiva comes under the spell of Tamoguna, the jiva blunders or commits mistakes such as rape, murder or acts of similar kind.

    All spiritual practices (Japa, Meditation etc …) meant to tune the mind towards Sattwa or calmness that leads to God-realization, the Supreme Self beyond all attributes.

  19. God is the epitome of perfection! There is no room for mistakes when His will works. For us, mere mortals, our mistakes are a signal from God to beware of perils ahead and tread carefully, guided by Him.
    As Amma’s children pray, any feat achieved by us is through Her divine Grace, and all errors committed by us are due to our own inability!

  20. Will or Grace depends on the individual’s perspective – they are words that the mind conjures up based on the associated emotions. Nothing can and does alter that fact that God simply is.

  21. God has not made us slaves .god has given us freedom that is called free will. What is good and what is evil we have the freedom to know. Whether to do evil; or good e have the freedom.Hence god does not make us commit mistakes through his will but we do out of our will

  22. If I’m seeing “mistakes” then I’m not seeing God’s will (there are no mistakes in God’s world) and I must try to correct the actions for now, not blame them on God! Also I must continue my spiritual practices to correct my perspective. Is my incorrect perspective also part of God’s will? I believe it is!

  23. I think it’s easier to blame God for mistakes while successes are most often considered as a victory of man. It’s an interesting question that helps me to think. thanks

  24. what nameless and andrew said is closest to what i feel

  25. Yes Every thing, every happening in this world is gods will.We are all a part of gods dream even this entire galaxies.But despite of all these god has given us human beings a docretionary power. He expects us to use that power when we know that we about to commit a mistake.Moreover, it is he who guides you thorough our conscience not to commit that mistake. But we do not listen.Then there is no point in saying that it is gods will.

  26. No ! We commit mistakes when we are against Gods will. And that is the harsh way of learning God`s Will, which is Love for All, Peace for All.

  27. Yes, it’s God who makes us do mistakes. That is only to curb our ego and surrender to HIM completely.

  28. Everything is God’s will just as everything is His creation. Our birth is God’s will to help us master the power of discrimination and exercise correct choice and live a life of dharma. We make mistakes when we steer away from dharma. God provides us options/experiences for gaining mastery. The freedom of choice and personal responsiblity is ours.

  29. Will our beloved Amma give tha equal vision and maturity to us? Till then Amma says we have to use our discrimination.

  30. somebody said “we have as much free will, as a dog on a leash”
    what are misstakes? knowledge is different in different states of consciousness:
    when a child of 5 years old writes “hous” instead of “house”, is that God’s will?
    as the child grows, he won’t make that misstake, but he may make other misstakes, and those he will also outgrow.
    so it seems immaturity is the cause of misstakes.
    and our biggest misstake is, to identify with the action, and think we are the actor..
    i am not sure if anything is God’s will.. She/He set up creation with certain laws, but who is doing what?
    and who judges right or wrong? probably it’s all an illusion….

  31. There is a no God’s will. All willing happens from the mind which Amma says is maya and mad. Of course this maya is also a creation of God. From our mind action starts. All good/bad actions and the results is based on law of karma (law made by God). Thus the mind enjoys or suffers according to its actions. God is not involved.

  32. Surely everything we do is GODS will God makes us to do mistakes so that we dont repeat them.Like child touches something hot and learns that it is not right to touch hot things which can scald.The child will be cautious in future not to repeat it.God expects the same from us too ie learn from mistakes and dont repeat them.

  33. On this, I want to share a comment heard recently: All is surely God’s will, but as a very special grace He bestowed on us humans the illusion of freedom, for all that is imposed upon men becomes an unpleasant chore.. and perhaps because His plan for us is to enjoy and be happy and strive away from mistakes and imperfections..

  34. If we accept everything as God’s will, it would be a case of total surrender to GOD & if our surrender is total we will not commit any mistakes.

  35. God is testing you in all actions under all circumstances,that is why the saying ‘The fear of lord is beginning of wisdom’.If you are righteous throughout you will not commit sin,if you are a fraud then your actions will speak for itself.Ultimately you will have to undergo punishment for all the wrongs you do in life,if not in this life perhaps in your next incarnation.

  36. thanks for the beautiful question and answers.
    Namitanairda and others make me realize:
    the ego and the intellekt judge, and see mistakes, and divide..
    the heart sees no mistakes, the heart rejoices, and unites..
    .. and if, with a heart full of love, we see everything as gods’ will, then no mistakes will be found

  37. If everything is God’s will, then there will not be any mistake from her part. It is our problem that we are doing ‘mistake’. we are just an actors of her Divine play.
    Divine mother is enjoying her Leela. She is LeelaVinodini. Let Amma give us true wisdom to understand and feel this….

  38. In my opinion, we will never commit mistakes, if we see everything as God’s will. But unfortunately we don’t think that way and that is why we commit mistakes. If we sincerely feel and believe that everything is God’s will, we will really have nothing to worry about.
    Om Amriteshwaryai Namah!

  39. Basically, no. We make mistakes because of our ignorance, which is our creation and not God’s. However, everything is governed by God. It is therefore God that allows this maya to exist in this world. He usually let the things be as they are when maya, or some laws (nature, karma, etc.) work, for some reason I don’t know yet..

  40. God’s creation itself is His mistake. No-one can top that one.

  41. It is indeed a very rational and logical thought but on the false and wrong line of investigation for we live in the world of plurality and not realized the pure Self in us.
    If the doer has rendered himself free from all physical,mental and intellectual onslaughts and has risen above them, to such an individual,(who functions without hope,his body and mind well controlled and all his sense of possessions given-up and whose ego sense is totally transcended) all actions are really prompted by the Self or the Supreme Reality and can never be a mistake nor incur any sin.
    He, the Godman, lives in our world with no personal will or wish but ever conscious of his Real Nature and never mistakes the world for real,only a spectacular magic of his own mind.

  42. there is only ‘God’ the you is the illusion.

  43. After reading Swamiji Vivekananda’s books, I see it as a “process”, one that is beyond time, space and causation and cyclic. From Brahman, the absolute reality, souls (jiva) are formed because of the illusive power of Maya and after immeasurable time the souls merge in Brahman. Per Amma and all Mahatmas, devotion (bhakti) is the only thing that keeps your mind at ease during this period and yet, Maya takes you through this infinite ferris wheel with its ups and downs. How can you ask the question Why, When and What for something that is beyond time, space and causation (cause and effect). IT JUST IS THIS WAY…

  44. Aum Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu
    Bhranti Rupena Samsthita
    Namastasyei Namastasyei
    Namastasyei Namo Namaha

  45. NO!
    Truth Revelead is Perfection.
    Mind repeats to infinite the errors like film .
    Guru Grace interrupt this and Wake up spirit.

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