Seeing 2 missed calls from Senthil, I was wondering what the urgency was, as he is the CEO of an International firm, lives in Srilanka.

I got through to him to hear an excited voice at the other end telling me,
“Guess whom I met in the airport lounge today? AMMA!!.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. And he continued…
“She was alone and it was as though she was waiting for me! She gave me a lovely hug. I told her I dont speak Malayalam and she told me its alright,’tamizhile pesalam‘, (I will speak in Tamil).”

“Amma told me all about her trip to Europe and onwards, her recent trip to China etc. I spoke to her about my guru, Swami Satchidananda, and she told me she had met him couple of times and that now he is no more.”

“I was with her for over half an hour, an she held my hands throughout! When the Swamini came out from the rest room, she explained to her all that was part of our conversation, as I had mentioned my trip to Nagapattinam with Lakshmi and you.

“At the Sri Lankan airport, when my flight was announced, seeing the anxiety on my face, she very reluctantly let go of me. To me it was as though she was sad to part from me and I felt a tug at my heart. Amma gave me a long hug and two kisses!

“Sujatha,I did not want to use the wet towel the stewardess gave me on board, as I felt it would wipe away her divine kisses!”

I think Senthil surely belongs to the fortunate few who are blessed by a visitation from Amma. Blessed is he to come into Amma’s web of Love.


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  1. that is wonderful but i would add that we are all a part of the “fortunate few” as Amma always finds time for a “visitation” for her children

  2. Jai Maa! what a Blissful experience.

  3. Wow ! Thanks for sharing this……keep posting more such miracles of Amma. Am nostalgic after reading words of Amma, Tamizhile pesalam. Yes, i am a tamilian and i was so sad that i dont know our beloved Ammas beautiful language Malayalam. But once during a darshan in mumbai, Amma started speaking to me in tamil. No one knows me and i did not tell anyone i am a tamilian, but Amma knew….Our beloved Amma is the Truth, omnipresent,omniscient, omnipotent. Jai Amma !

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