24 Dec 2012 Poems

In front of my Deity

Stood in front of my beloved Deity
With a heavy heart I stood
Not able to control my thoughts
Not able to control my emotions….

Victory that I saw near
Has gone too far from my vision
Victory that I thought too easy
Is it out of my reach?

Doubts keep on creeping in my mind
Past thoughts keep on beating my conscience
Unable to bear the pain it causes
Stood before my beloved Diety helplessly…..

Oh God! Didn’t ask You precious things
Didn’t yearn for name or fame
Didn’t come to You for worldly things
Can’t You bless me with peace of mind….

Thoughts I hate to carry with me
Thoughts keep coming back with evil smile
Trouble me like an uninvited guest
Oh God! Why do You punish me like this?

You control everything! You rule the Universe!
You fill the entire world! You are the Sakti everywhere!
You are always in that Eternal Peace
Can’t You bless me with some peace of mind?

Oh Guru! Bless me with Bhakti
Oh Guru! Bless me with calmness
Oh Guru! Bless me with Stillness
Oh Guru! Bless me with Oneness…

Amma, Embrace me with Love
Amma, Embrace me with Eternal Peace
Amma, am at Your feet always
Amma, am Your daughter always….

by Santhi Kumaar

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  1. The poem reminds me the Goal:
    Thyagah Shanthi Anantharam.

    You can try to find out where the verse comes from and its meaning.

  2. Dear Santhi, You have expressed how i have been feeling for past 2 months,since getting entangled in someone’s spiderous web!
    but today LOVE broke through in my meditation,leading me to wonder if its a case of ;’the darkest hour is just before dawn’ Namaste

  3. What Santhi says is something maybe all of us experience in our lives.
    Amma says thst purification can cause us some pain.
    The most difficult thing is to distinguish what pain is necessary for purification and what is a useless load of our mind.

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