7 Jan 2013 Poems

River and Jivatma

The river flows …. the river flows continuously
Some use it to bath, to wash clothes
Some to drink
Some  worship on its banks
Some spit in it, some enjoy its beauty
But the river never complains, it just flows.

The river flows …. the river flows continuously
The journey of the jivatma also moves continuously
Ego separates jivatma from Paramatma
Ego makes life miserable until it merges with Paramatma
When ego disappears, truth shines
It’s time for celebration, continuous celebration.

The river flows …. the river flows continuously
Jivatma also has to obey Paramatma
It plans everything; ego makes man think otherwise
Like the river, the jivatma also has no option
It has to move calmly in all situations, accept everything
And one day it will merge with the Paramatma
It will be time for happiness, continuous happiness.

Santhi Kumaar

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  1. Wonderful poem. Yes, ego makes life miserable……..but the ego is essential for a devotee to love his Guru. Let’s have this clarified ego of a devotee, if the devotee and God become one, the sweetness of bhakthi is gone. Let the river of bhakthi flow…..for Amma says bhakthi is greater than Mukthi.

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