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Q220: Always Happy?

Question 220:

Amma says: “Our attitude should be: Whatever happens to me, I will always remain happy.”  How do you understand this?

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  1. Only Amma can explain this profound truth…..still by Amma’s grace, would like to share…….what Amma teaches., we are the Self, The Soul, which is eternally Blissful. This body is just a reflection of that Self. Due to the ego, we dont experience the Self and are caught in miseries. Amma says we are that Blissful Self, and so we should just remain as witness to all that happens to our body……the experiences at the physical, mental, emotional plane. So lets be blissful always, knowing that we are not this body but the pure, infinite, immortal, eternal Self., irrespective of what happens to us.

  2. Happiness and bliss are the very essence of human nature. It is not an entity to be searched for externally, but a state of mind when one is at peace with one’s inner self and the external world. The objects of the world are transient and cannot give permanent joy or sorrow. Understanding this, one should move forth deciding to remain in the state of happiness inherent in oneself,regardless of extraneous factors.
    As AMMA says,’Happiness is a decision that one has to make’. Being morose and tense will not ease a difficult situation, whereas a positive attitude may help find a solution to it.

  3. Whatever happens to me, is given from Amma. I pray, that I learn to be happy in every situation – because I know, that Ammas goal is, to make me (ego-) free.

  4. Amma wants us to realize that our attitude towards life is the most determining factor (For example, it is our innocence and sincerity that ‘calls in’ Grace)… Like Lalimani pointed, Amma wants us to make this strong resolve: “I take a firm decision to be happy whatever happens!” Happiness is our own decision, so says Amma!

  5. All that happens in the external world should be taken as Almighty’s Grace. Once that happens, what can one do but smile and be happy.

  6. i think following Gurus directions is called “guruseva” – a wise idea to follow

    but in general too, also being happy is likely helpful for health and is likely motivational to others

  7. Though this is the best statement that would help a lot on this journey of life, as time passes, however still said that, its really not that easy to follow. And, if one tries to practice this state of being happy at all the times, it will definitely help also in not so good times of our lives as well.
    Time will pass anyways, so better to try to remain Happy.
    And, as mentioned above in comments: To remain happy is definitely a choice which one has to make and one should try his/her level best to practice this statement’s quintessence in each & every moment. Life is too short to be unhappy about about many transient experiences…

  8. When some bad things happen, we become sad and react in a negative way which brings our bad qualities out. Decisions we take during this period might affect our future. When we have samarpan at the feet of God, we start to accept everything, good or bad. Slowly we get out of likes and dislikes. Even during bad times, we will ramain calm and as a result we won’t take any hasty decisions which might affect our future. Also, by remaining happy at all times, we won’t hurt people around us. This is my humble understanding of Amma’s words….

  9. …i hope to realize that. I think it’s necessary to have Faith : the awareness of Faith!!

  10. This body and mind is destined to undergo various experiences based on our merits and demerits in karma bank. Whether we remain happy or not, sorrowful or other unhappy experiences pass through invariably between two happy moments. We have a choice to remain happy or helplessly get attached to the body/mind and suffer. Pray to Amma to remove our ignorance and enjoy complete freedom..Aum Amma

  11. Since the existence is of dual nature, there are only two possibilities such as favourable or unfavourable; pleasing or displeasing; and the nature of all objects is perishable in time. Objects such as body, properties such as car, house etc… they exist in time, sooner or later perish and vanish in time. One who knows that I am the Self and not the body and the perishable nature of the objects, realizes his or her true nature will not be affected, i.e. his or her happiness is not affected by the externalities thus remaining ever happy Sada-ananda(सदानन्दा, സദാനംദ, or സദാനന്ദ).

  12. It is an exercise. It requiers detachment of worldly affairs, in time and in space. Who am I?

  13. My friend recently lost his wife. Ironically, it was on the way to see Amma. When he got to Amma, she hugged and soothed him and told him not to become to sad. This question has helped me to understand what she was telling him. All is transient and fleeting except for God. This is a meditation for the whole life.

  14. the demand of ‘LOVE’ to remain Open, Happy. This is a ‘Great’ demand as i know there is all the excuses from the world not to be.
    In ‘LOVE’ there is no excuse not to be Open, Happy.

  15. Life is made of ups and downs due to the vasana of the past and also due to the resolution of karma.
    To be able to be happy always in the ups and downs of life makes us a little wise, humble, and pushes away expectations.
    Obedience and humility help in this.
    But with the Grace of the Guru, we may experience subjectively and perceive God everywhere and in all things. This is the greatest happiness, and we then give love to all those who have ups and downs of life.

  16. The advice from mahatmas always to be happy regardless of what is happening is the same as saying always know that if we depend on the outer world for our happiness, we become eligible for all kinds of miseries, so don’t! Amma well knows that we haven’t all been graced with that state yet, but gives many pointers that happiness is the reward for detachment to how we want our lives to be. But remember even she experiences brief moments of grief when she hears of our tragedies.

  17. Of course we should be possitive.The True nautre of us is Sat- Chit -Anandam(existence-counciousness-bliss)Means we are actually the Swaroopa of Ananda.(like Amritaswaroopa)But when we are totaley identify with body mindand intellect we are away from from true natur and trying to find out happiness in the objects out side which is very within us.If the happiness is in the ouside objects it will will give joy to everyone and every time.But it is not happening.If some object give happiness to some person,it will not give another one…

  18. With only blessing of great saints like Amma a commoner can have such
    attitude……otherwise I think not possible.

  19. As AMMA says us to develop the innocent mind of a small child, we should develop immense faith in AMMA as a child that SHE is within me and whatever happens to me is as per HER wish only for,SHE knows what is best for HER child. Thus we should trust in HER as a MOTHER knows the best how to protect and take care of HER child.

  20. Imagine happiness to be the middle path. So whatever happens, we shouldn’t be too happy or too sad. The fluctuation of the mind is not conducive to spiritual practices. Amma said, “Happiness depends not upon material comfort but upon the mind. Seek the source of your mind and build your life on That.”

  21. On the contrary, how can I not remain happy if I know for sure that I am not involved in this? How can I not be thankful to Amma, if I know that (luckily!) I am just a tool and its all happening because of the effect of a complicated system reasoning linked to circumstances (someone may call it as “upaadhi”) Cheer up folks! we are audiences, we are witnessing this great drama of life…there is an amusement hidden in every event in the life….explore it….enjoy it…immerse in it…exactly what Amma is doing!

  22. This sentence is for me like a stroke of whip, because I feel very difficult for me to have that attitude.
    I understand what Amma says: our reality is not our body and/or our mind: so what happens to our body and/or our mind wouldn’t affect our real Beeing.
    I hope to understand this Amma sentence non only with my brain, but with my Heart.

  23. If there is control on wants and desires and attachment is shed (easier said than done)then we can be happy always.trying to practice and not just listen to AMMAS teachings surely would help.

  24. Amma asks as us to be positive. Have a positive attitude towards life so that we move forward with hope. Whatever happens in our life, be it good or bad, is for good only. Not only that, the change happens only to the external existence but not to our soul. So we don’t need to worry.

  25. yes,l agree.Happiness is a choice. Then spiritual practice establishes that happiness.Living/working/eating so as not to harm any beings then establishes confidence in the sustainability of the choice to be happy. Then, with continual practice, the reactive part of the mind responds with compassion,equanimity,happiness to all internal/external objects/events/experiences

  26. True..Only Amma can explain this profound truth. If Amma were got give me forbearance, devotion and supreme faith, perhaps I will be able to remain Happy under all circumstances

  27. It means I should try to not get associated with lower dualities: like/dislike, attract/hate, pleasure/pain and be like Amma instead.

    I once saw, at a Darshan, a lady who after doing pranam to Amma bent upwards and inadvertently banged her head on Amma’s lower jaw. There was a rather loud sound, and I winced in pain. But to my surprise, Amma was all smiles- no break in her Joy. Ah!

  28. Whatever happens in the external world is the Compassionate Lord’s Grace. This is the Eternal Truth. So the choice is ours to do the right things and dedicate it to the Lord. When we continue focussing on our tasks and dedicate everything to the Lord without worrying about Lord’s Grace ( which is always there) , we can only smile all the time. May all of us use this power of discrimination always.

  29. I will always remain happy inspite of varying circumstances, as my
    inner peace and my reactions depend upon my perception of the things
    happening around me. I can change the perceived reality according to
    my higher thought vision and identify opportunity for growth,
    development and spiritual evolution via lessons learnt through the
    ongoing experience instead of feeling like a victim of unwanted and
    undesired circumstances…

  30. Yes my divine AMMA has taught me this also to be in the same state when u r happy or sad. But when in day to day life such situation arises, we forget everything, but my divine MAA i promise I will imbibe on the path u have shown

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