Question 221:

Amma says: “God gave us pen and paper; he offers hints on good and bad things we could write, but allows us the freedom to choose.”
How do you understand this?

Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. What differentiates human beings from the other forms of life is the highly evolved faculty of discrimination they possess. As AMMA says, pen and paper has been given to us. Using them, we write our destiny, for better or worse and reap the results of our own actions. Of course, God subtly hints at the wrong choices we make, and gives us a chance to rework on them, but we have to be alert enough to grasp the hints and move ahead without repeating our mistakes.

  2. The moment of Choice has the power of a quantum blast.
    Such a moment gave birth to the universe and ‘Choice’ itself.
    The Lord wanted to learn something:
    “What happens when we saddle an infinite, perfect being with an attacking ego, the hook and tug of desires, blinding senses, maddening thought jags and the heartbreak of separation from the One?”
    The only tool to find the way home is CHOICE. Game on.

    Mother has said that we are the embodiments of the universal One.
    Lo, we are FREE… only it’s just going to take some time to remember.
    Ah Ma, RECEIVE US!

  3. When we get a paper and pen, we can write good words or bad words. When we wrte bad or wrong words, we might feel a bit guilty but carry on due to our inner urge. Maybe our ego forces us to do that. Same way in our life, God has given this janma to us. We can do good things or bad things. God has given us the freedom to choose. It’s our smartness whether to choose good or bad….

  4. God is indeed great because God is so humble inspite of His infinite power that God has given His children the freedom to do whatever they want and only shows them the right and wrong path. Its upto us to follow the good, right path and reach God or to follow the bad and fall.

  5. i think it means God loves us (everything else too) unconditionally

    there are consequences though to our thoughts, words, deeds

  6. If you have the potential to remain calm and listen to your “Inner Voice” (Those subtle thoughts), you will know right from wrong. Then like Krishna said, “Yathechasi Thata Kuru” (Do as you please).
    Shraddha (Discriminative intellect – awareness) is needed. Meditation, japa and grace of Amma can make your mind calm

  7. wow. i can feel a great Joy even now knowing there is a choice.
    How would I rather feel Happy or Unhappy?
    What would I then want others to Feel?
    TO feel, see and hear ‘The Great Love’ of The ‘ONE’ who chooses to only Live, speak, write from the Greater point of veiw is the greatest gift to receive and in that to share.
    Thank you to The ONE in the form of the BELOVED AMMA for BEING this.

  8. It is our attitude towards life that makes the difference 🙂

  9. Don’t get swayed by the mind. Discriminate using the intellect with the help of conscience (heart/soul) and then perform a task.

  10. With ammas blessing i would interpret this as god gives us paper is our karma and the pen is our deeds that mark our karma good or bad. when we do bad deeds, god with some incidents in our life show us that what we have done is wrong and ask us back out from that and for good deeds too he helps us. But he gives us the right to discriminate our deeds ourselves and progress in life which give rise to good & bad Karma and there effects in our life cycle.

  11. It feels as if God is saying silently “You also have the choice to NOT write anything at all…”

    Just give back the paper and pen to God and bow down to God’s mercy.

  12. We all must choose the good. Evil tempts us constantly. The temptation to harm others is always there. But we can and must rise above it, choosing the good and becoming good.

  13. We write the details with our daily spoken word, thoughts, prayers and even meditations. The words we focus on in all ways create in the universe and unite us with the divine or further let us create a belief in separation from our source. What a divine gift to have our mother in form on the planet to demonstrate these profound gifts in the most divine ways to bless us, guide us and lift us up to our true essence. The Self-realized use words effortlessly that only create positively. Amma your words and question inspire me to live, to write, to think in the highest way my consciousness can. I am so thankful for you and all those who bestow your love. Wahe Guru, Jai Ma Amma!

  14. It is binding either ways as long as i choose to write.. Let Her will flow through..

  15. Duryodhana said:
    janami dharmam na cha me pravrutthih janamyadharmam na cha me nivrutthih |
    kenaapi devena hrudhisthithena yatha niyuktosmi thatha karomi ||

    Similarly we also find ourselves inadequate to follow what is good, which always requires indomitable will and the strength of someone like Lord Hanuman. This is of course possible by the practice of brahmacharya living under the guidance of Sat-Guru like AMMA, the Supreme Divine Mother.

  16. As children we were taught in Moral Science, that a good man’s soul is spotless and an evil man’s soul is full of dark patches, the number of patches corresponding to his bad deeds!
    This is what came to my mind, when I pondered about Amma’s question. Thus, the paper is our Soul and the deeds represent the pen. Each bad deed will cause blemishes on the soul and each good deed keeps our Soul clear and bright.
    In life we are very often at crossroads and we need to decide the right course of action-make a choice. For this we are guided by Divine Grace. We must pray that we are able to heed to this Divine Voice, to make the right decisions and choices-by using our head and heart. Thus keeping our Souls Bright and Sparkling!

  17. The discrimination power is the greatest gift blessed by the God to the only humanbeings ,which is only differecne between the animals and human beings.Animal have all the aspects like, hunger,thurst, sleep, urge for sexual relations etc.etc. except this perticular discrimination power.We are in this world of Supper market or Big Mall ,with so many oppurtunities and fessilities to select and choose good or bad things, actions and thoughts.We can become a thief, or a Social worker or a Sannyasi or whatever we want to be, but according to our previous birth Tendencies(Vasanas) or impressions etc.But we can exhost our bad Vasanas by attaining knowledge of Shreyyas(permenent happiness)and Preyyas(Temperary hapiness)from this world only by means of Scriptures,associations with Mahatmas like our most beloved Amma.So before doing an action we should think or comtemplate about it’s after effets, reactions, drawbacks,selfless benifits,consequences etc.By thinking means ,we have to grind the thoughts in the mind and decitions in the intellect ,in between the mind and intellect and experience the the taste of the ultimate product in the heart.Ie Manana.Even in the our Great Baghavat Geeta Bhagavan Krishna advices Arjuna, the Quintessence of the Secret of Life and still give Arjuna the choice of proceed as per his conviction.(GEETA.18.63.Sloga)

  18. Until now all metaphysical explanations, in how far humans with their limited capacities should nevertheless be fully responsible for their deeds and experiences, turned out to be not tenable. How can a finite being, be it a man or an animal, be called free in the real sense of the word? We (the jivas) have not taken the concious decision to be born in a world, where suffering, physical needs and psychological deficiencies are the norm that makes it practically impossible to act in absolute accordance with what is called the dharmic law. Otherwise the existence of holy persons would not be such a rare phenomenon over the ages.

  19. God experiments through ourselves. He knows Himself through all the beings. Only God exists! He gives freedom to individual souls in such a way that each of us could experiment good and bad things.
    Good things make us aware of our real nature. Bad things are necessary in order to give us the opportunity to choose.
    The final objective will be going beyond the dualism.

  20. The Lord has given all of us the power of discrimination. So remembering the Eternal Truth and the temporary external worldly events, we have to develop dispassion towards the temporary external world so that we can use the power of discrimination to do only the right things in this world. We have to learn to use this power of discrimination. It is upto each one of us. That is why it is said that God has given us the choice to do good or bad things.

  21. God is the witness pure atman perfect
    The jivas are the mind in every cell
    there is the history of animal evolution bodies animate and inanimate
    And the story of the creation of the jivas with the energy of God’s love
    The pen dipped in the ink of God rewrites
    the future and erase the past.
    The pen dipped in the ink of the past
    rewrites the same mistakes.

  22. Inspirations given to us by God are for the betterment of ALL and can
    help to throw light on real Truths and spread awareness. Its a service
    to humanity. As conscious discernment and well thought of choice is advised for
    thought process and resulting actions, so is good and Godly choice
    advised in written word, as it has the power and potential of reaching
    many and lasting more.

  23. MAA whenever a situation comes automatically a way comes in front of us and i believe that is the way GOD has chosen for us, but sometimes wse think we are more intelligent and find faults in the solution we are offered at first and try to think aise hot to theek hote vaise hota to theek hota and in end we are zero. There are always two path and we have to use our discrimination to choose the right one.

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