11 Feb 2013, ABC in Mangalore:

During Her last visit Amma launched Amalabharatam project  for Mangalore. Mangalore devotees and Amrita Vidyalayam school children  have taken it to their heart as greatest Prasad and are earnestly pursuing it, on regular monthly basis.

While on this extensive Indian tour  Amma’s ashram children, mostly western children, have made a mark of the presence of Amma’s huge international programs –even the huge public programs in Bhubaneshwar and Vishakhapatnam- by leaving it spotlessly clean, with no litter at all. If local devotees clean up before the program, after Amma finishes the program,and all the while the program is going on, the ABC team cleans up after it all, and leave the place spick and span.

clean mangalore

Here in Mangalore there is yet another addition. The local devotees have grouped for housekeeping and are at work full time, going on cleaning every spot leaving every nook and corner spick and span. It is not even any paid employees taking good care of cleanliness, but it is the middle aged women devotees themselves, in their chosen uniform sarees. A lady on security duty is also inspired to take up cleaning work as we see in the picture.
“Amma gave this sacred work for us,” they say with glee.

– Sandhya

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  1. The joy which one gets after cleaning a place which is dirty, cluttered and disorganized and leaving it spick and span is beyond description and is worth whatever effort & time it takes.
    It is indeed such a joyful experience to see Amma’s Children managing the ABC Campaign all along the tours, which is rarely seen elsewhere these days and is worth emulating in our lives as one can certainly learn a lot about clearly manifested benefits of cultivating & maintaining this habit of CLEANLINESS.
    Rightly said, ” Cleanliness is Indeed Godliness”.
    Thank you so very much for sharing.

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