The journey continues….
The journey to find out the truth
The journey to find peace inside me
The journey which took me all over the Universe
The journey which made me look inside finally.

Conceptions; Misconceptions, Pain remains
Holding my ego tightly, again pain remains
Friction bet’n chosen path and path to be chosen, pain remains
Inner voice is clear with the message, Arise, Awake…

Kill your ego; Divorce from your mind
Live in present moment; Live as if only you and God exist
What remains is silence; Peace embraces me
Ha! Isn’t for this day that I waited all these ‘janmas’…

I want to be free; Free of ill-thoughts, Free of negativities
Free of hatred; Free of all the work that binds my mind
Some people get more; Some get less from the same source
I accept everything around me cause all are One only.

My friend, My guide, My Guru, My Amma
Who resides in me; I’m thankful to You forever
Please bless me with Bhakti and Shakti
To reach and merge in Your peaceful abode
Waiting eagerly and patiently for the day I reach Your world….

Mata Rani ki Jai…

Santhi Kumaar

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  1. Beautifully written and expressed about one’s inner journey and indeed of one who is blessed to be on this path and indeed and indeed much more blessed with the presence of a Mahatma like Amma.
    May Her Grace be there on this child who has and was lost in the web of Maya, unaware and ignorant about the myriad treasures and much more precious than anything in this whole universe, the Sweetness of Lord’ s name, the original and true example and epitome of Sweetness.
    Thanks for expressing and penning down such a nice poetry.

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