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Q222: Third Eye?

Question 222:

Amma says: “Your third eye will never open if, in the name of spirituality, you close your physical eyes to the world.”
How do you understand this?

Please make your answer brief and clear (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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  1. Firstly, purify the Nadis of the Body through Asana and Pranayama and keep the body healthy and strong.
    Secondly, purify the mind through Nishkama Karma Yoga, then apply the most powerful medicine of Rama Nama or Amba Nama to heal all mental weaknesses such as lust, anger and envy etc…
    Then with focussed mind, meditate on the Lotus Feet of AMMA. Naturally, the third eye opens.

  2. Forgive and love can automatically open our third eye. I think, overall, we must don’t ignore nearest people needs.

  3. Often in the name of spirituality and spiritual practices, we close our heart and eyes to the problems and pain of others around us. For Amma, this is Not spirituality. Maybe just another form of ego… Amma seems to say clearly that to have a compassionate and caring heart towards what is happening around us, is more important than meditation and practices.

  4. Manava seva is Iswra seva. In the search of God, if people try to avoid the suffering of people around them, God will not bless them. Only if God bless them, one can get out of this smsara chakra.

  5. Amma says that God is not some emperor dwelling in heaven; God dwells within each of us. In the name of spirituality, we cannot be oblivious to the problems faced by our fellow human beings as also all other forms of creation. The opening of the ‘third eye’, for me, would be awakening of the virtues of universal love, compassion, consideration for others and selfless service to those in need.

  6. In the name of spirituality, one should become selfless and not selfish..if we are indifferent, we are only strengthening our ego – i and mine ..when we build such strong individuality within, how is it possible to see oneness and divinity in the creation? it is simply not possible whatever practices we do.. Amma says clearly choice is ours…

  7. It’s certain that if we close our eyes to the suffering of the other our heart will die. And Anahata will never give us the voice of God.

  8. Death is preferable to a life devoid of standing in the suffering of others. It is the crucible for true human consciousness, without which you are already as good as dead

  9. i think it happens the more like God (loving all, serving all, and not hurting others) you allow yourself to become (being patient and persistent) in daily spiritual practice and lots of serving others without expecting reward or return. Also not feeding the ego (avoiding “i’m special” etc) the more likely it is that grace will help open the third eye

  10. One who sees others sorrows as one’s own is only fit to realize the Self.

  11. Amma says that it is not possible to be
    spiritually evolved without participating in helping bring down the sufferings of the world around us.

  12. The ultimate realization is the union of wisdom and compassion, the pure empty Self and the world of form. If we do not love the world of form, we don’t have this realization. And when love sees suffering, it manifests as compassionate activity which works to end the suffering of sentient beings.

  13. Through attraction to AMMA, LOVE, this being feels more, not by seeing something else. Rather now, has a greater feeling/awareness of what is already. Rather a limited personal point of view, a more open and broader point of view. Through more the eyes of LOVE.

  14. Be compassionate to those who are suffering.

  15. One should apply the teachings of the MAHATMAS like our AMMA in our day to day life. That is the real spirituality. It is a waste if one is having darshan and satsang if it is not APPLIED.

  16. If you close your eyes to the real world, you are not seeing yourself as well. In that sense we will see only what we want to see using the ego as interface. Seeing, hearing, sitting and touching are part of clear comprehension. In my humble opinion I believe that only when we detach from the ego and be present in the here and now, our third eye will align with the divine.

  17. Thanks to Amma for this question. When I read it I was confused at beginning. Then I found out how this sentence is fundamental.
    If we, in the name of spirituality, repeat mantras many times and meditate for all day long, we cannot reach God. Prayers, meditations and so on are very important, but we need to look also outside: love everything, because God is into everything. We need to see God in the nature and specially in all sentient beings. We need to feel compassions and offer concrete love to everybody and specially we need to help who needs our support. We need to see God in ourselves and also inside all beings.
    Amma gives us the example. We need to imitate Her.

  18. We must understand that closing the physical eyes to the world in the name of spirituality is ,running away from the responsibilities because of fear or something, and we call it as like an escapism. So it will never help us to open our Third Eye. Third Eye or jnana chakshus or eye of knowledge which is a 6th sense organ ( in spirituality) is open inwards as all the other 5 sense organs are projecting out wards to grasp the outer things in the outer world….

  19. Third eye means awarness and responsability and compassion
    Without these three quality don’t really open.
    World is God creation and all universe is God every particles
    Third eyes is to see God in every every every name or things of all universes and take responsability with Love and Compassion of them
    Take care means.

  20. When we refuse to see or ignore pain, confusion, fear and doubt of
    people, specially near and dear around us and also of people who are
    in our contact, due to any specified reasons by us, then we wont
    evolve spiritually, we will only be happy fooling ourselves to believe
    we are. We are sent to this world and we come in contact with certain group of
    people so that we can interact with them and learn from them and teach
    them what we have learnt. Non interaction, apathy or avoidance,
    specially in the garb of spirituality, will lead us down the road and
    not uphill…

  21. Yes MAA u r ever perfect and right in teaching ur children. But MAA please help me what do I do, I am really going off track and vigilant about the change but I am like a child who has fallen on the ground but dio not have to courage to stand up again and run, MAA please help me LOve u MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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