Uttarakhand Flood Relief

9th July, 2013
The road to Guptakashi was in complete disarray after the rains. The main highway along the Mandakini river has been washed away, and vehicles have to take this only available alternatine route – the rains left the road full of slush – the vehicle was literally swimming in the slush all the way to Guptkashi. Truly a time to chant our mantras.


At one place the mountains side broke off and huge boulders came crashing on to the road just as we were approaching it. We decided to try and move the rocks so that we could move on – it was raining heavily and any moment the sides could give way and come sliding down. All the people got together and it was removed after much efforts. As we moved ahead we could already see the sides sliding down towards the road. Finally reaching GUptakashi – we came to know that the road behind us was now completely cut off.
– Mukesh