Utttarakhand Flood relief

The road to Gaurikund was completely gone for many kilometers – and since the medical team from the Army had already reached there somehow, we moved towards Triyuginarayan.


Triyuginarayan is home to a beautiful ancient temple (built in the Treta Yuga) where, according to the Puranas, Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi’s marriage took place. The fire from that time has been kept continuously lit by the local priests here. Having very close connection with the Kedarnath temple – the families depended on the Char dham yatra for sustenance – so most of them were in Kedarnath on that day – 20 of them never came back. Many of those who did, are still in state of shock, like Raj – who saw his brother being washed away, but somehow managed to escape with his father – and the two walked for three days without food or water. His father collapsed on the third day. Raj waited for him to recover for many hours – but he knew his father was dead. He walked on alone for another two days before he could reach a village, and finally home. Raj’s mother says she is happy that she has at least one member in her family surviving now – but does not know how they will survive now.

– Mukesh