Uttarakhand Flood Relief

Having spent one day at Triyuginarayan, it was time for the difficult trek to Toshi – the last inhabited village on this stretch. Climbing through steep mountains for 5 kilometers – we reached the beautiful village. It was a village where the people do not sleep in their own houses anymore. Just the night before, a huge landslide had taken away a couple of houses with it. All the families of the village had been sleeping in and around the Chandi devi temple located above the village. The people were so happy to see us there – the first medical team to reach there. Though the people are extremely fit here, almost all the ailments were the the result of extreme anxiety, and depression. Even the electricity has been cut off since the floods.


The children of Toshi, all had just one request – they just wanted us to take them – anywhere away from this place that they previously thought was home. Where at least they could sleep for a few hours peacefully, and not have to wait for a week to get some basic ration or medicine.

Coming back from Toshi – we tried moving forward towards Gaurikund – but even the temporary bridge had been washed away – and we came to know that everyone had been evacuated from there, and only the army was stationed there, engaged in clearing the dead bodies lying in heaps there.


Gangasu is a small village, and medical facilities are non existent. A road is supposed to be there, but all through the ride we were trying to spot its existence. We conducted a camp as the people here had been complaining of dysentery, and just the day before, a small girl lost the battle of life owing to lack of medical attention. Around 200 patients were given free medicines.

– Mukesh