Uttarakhand Flood Relief


Chandrapuri is one of the worst affected areas. It is cut off from either side, and the raging river is threatening the existence of whatever is remaining there. Numerous people who have lost their home are sleeping in tents. The only to reach the once bustling town is by using a makeshift trolley from across the river. The doctors and the medicines were carried across using the trolley – basically just a wire across the river with a basket hanging from it. Over 500 persons were given medical aid and counseling in Chadrapuri.



Giri Nandini, Guide us

We have covered the areas that were entrusted to us by the Medical authorities. The period of medical emergency is over. But a long road lies ahead – the principal means of living is gone, the rains are still lashing the region – with flood alarm being sounded every couple of days – the ground is literally slipping beneath their feet. With non existent official support, the present and the future seems dark indeed.


Yes, we saw a lot of destruction – natures fury, lives turned on its head, but we also see an unmatched resilience. Their Failth is strong – just living here in normal circumstances requires a lot of faith and strength – both mental and physical. Deeply rooted in their traditional culture has helped them. As one lady, who had lost her two sons, said – ‘God has given us what we require till now, He will provide for us hereafter also’


The heavy and incongruous construction activies – the dams, the tunnels, riverside resorts have taken a heavy toll on the Dev Bhoomi – the Land of the Gods. The rivers, including the Mother Ganges, have been stopped from what they are supposed to do – to keep flowing. There almost seems to a competition to see how fast the ecology can be destroyed just to cater to the greed of a few. Mammoth dams are in the offing, even though there is almost no water remaining to dam now. The tunnels have burrowed through the very foundation of this unstable mountain range – the youngest, highest and the most precious in the world. Whatever be the reason – some local folklores cite the forced removal of the deeply revered Dhaari Devi, or the rise of commercialization of sacred religious places, or theloss of balance, the fact is that Mother Nature has given us a warning – it is upto us to heed it – fast.Only Amma can guide us on how to move forward in restoring the human lives and the ecological balance of Her own home. She is after all, the Daughter of the mountains (Giri Nandini) May Amma guide and lead us all.

– Mukesh


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  1. These posts light up my life through the peace and service of these people.
    I think these posts are much more useful than some other self-satisfied useless posts that sometimes I find here.

  2. Praying to AMMA to provide them facilities of food and shelter at the earliest and ensure their safety through education and good infrastructure needed keeping the concern that in the dark age the humans have neither strength nor intelligence to contemplate on Her Divine Nature.

    Amma! Ayi Giri Nandini
    Amma! Visva Vinodini

    Be thou our Guiding Light and Love forever.

  3. It is amazing to see that in this world there are many, many people who have everything but one thing: happiness. While there are a few people who have nothing but one thing: happiness.
    So we understand that all our dreams, desires and attachments are just useless attempts to find happiness, as it is something that actually is within us.
    These humble people, who don’t lose there faith even in such a terrible tragedy, set an example for us to follow.
    And it is a very strong example because a common person, who has such a strong faith and peace within, shows us that what mahatmas say is true and is something that all us can achieve.

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