Amritavarsham 60 preparations – The Undefeatable Power of Togetherness

Acres of land to be leveled, 164.9mm rainfall in Kerala over the last one week (highest rainfall in India, Indian Meteorological Department data), unstable soil, inability to deploy heavy equipment, time is ticking, just a few days for the commencement of the massive event – Amritavarsham’60. What to do? How can the soil be stabilized to support the weight of the gargantuan structure used for the event? What could be the quickest and effective solution for this? Such questions surfaced the minds of every individual present in Amritapuri.

As time ticked, the solution sprang up from the powerful teaching of Amma – “Together we are a power, an undefeatable power. When we work together, hand in hand, with love, it is not just one life force but the life energy of countless people, of the group, that flows in harmony, unimpeded.”

The essence of this teaching was brought to life by the unified work of devotees from across the globe, disciples, ashram residents, students and staff of Amrita University. All, irrespective of their nationality, language, gender, religion, status came together under one roof to solve this. Thousands of bags of sand and mud moved across hands to fill and level the ground. As each bag passed an individual, a stamp of love and happiness was added to it. No one knew who their neighbor was. He/she could be a CEO or a scientist or an industrialist in the world outside. All they knew was that he/she is another child of Amma. Together the human chain resembled beads of a beautiful necklace that were bound together with threads of love and humility. The only language that everyone knew and spoke was the language of Love.

Peter, a devotee from Italy said “We feel love, happiness and get a feeling of oneness even though several people are working with us”. Another devotee from the USA says “There are positive and creative feelings that arise when we work in group here for Ammas 60th birthday. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction while serving people.”

Time and space ceased to exist. Within a span of 4 -5 days most of the area was leveled and the massive hall was erected. This is what Love can do. There are several projects executed by highly qualified and experienced project managers. But when such hurdles are encountered, they too pause. Here, in Amritapuri, the word ‘pause’ has no space. Eternal Love cannot pause; there can be no force that can stop the flow of this eternal Love. There can be no endeavor that this Eternal Love cannot accomplish. There can be no comparison to this Eternal Love because it flows from the Eternal Source, the Universal Mother, AMMA. Love from The Mother charged the entire atmosphere and the impossible was made possible with unimaginable speed and agility.

If there is a paradise on earth and ‘in the heart’, it is here, here and only here…
A drop of water cannot be a river; a river is formed by numerous water drops. It is the joining together of countless drops that creates a flow. The real flow of life lies in unity, in the oneness that arises out of love. –Amma

– Avinash

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