I have always heard of Amma’s charitable and humanitarian work and respected her for all that She has done for the society. However, Amritavarsham 60 was provided me with an opportunity to meet people whose lives she has touched and changed. My first brush was with the volunteers of the AmritaSREE project, and the Women […]

Mother, when hast Thou created the Universes? With galaxies of billion solar systems as verses, Written as endless poetry by an eminent poet, Only to be born as human to know all about it. Mother, Thou art the greatest unexplored artist, Who painted wonderful colours of cosmic rays, The incomprehensible formless Self hidden silent, Though […]

More people arrived today at Amritapuri. There were thousands of people moving around and the lines for lunch were long. To help make the lines move faster, Amrita Vidyalayam student volunteers helped by collecting the dirty dishes, washed them and distributed them to the people. This helped in conserving water too.

The most beautiful moment though, for me, in this birthday was going to the ‘Amritapadam’ stall- where there were kept a series of paintings that depicted Amma’s life. This was the most beautiful sublime moment- when i saw a painting depicting Amma’s childhood -Amma, as a little girl, sweeping her courtyard, outside a small hut, […]

25 Sep 2013 The evening program was held in the huge program hall built on the Engineering Campus in Amritapuri. There were thousands of people in and around the program venue. The evening program started with Amma’s bhajans. Amma rocked the program hall with Her powerful & inspiring bhajans through the excellent sound system. The […]

Tuesday is ‘normally’ a day for the residents. A meditation day with Amma giving lunch plates to everyone. Of course, considering the present circumstances, nobody was thinking of meditation and the word was that Amma will give darshan to those who just came. A standing darshan?? So Amma arrives. Lakshmi the elephant was waiting for […]

Wednesday 25 This is the first day of the official celebrations, which will culminate on the 27th. Of course the festive atmosphere and the crowd have being building up since last week. But today is a turning point. The morning main question was: will Amma give today’s darshan still in Ashram or go to the […]

25 Sep 2013, Amritapuri There were four days of traditional Maha Yaga (Great Fire Ceremony) held at the Yaga Shala in Amritapuri. Sri Ganapathi Homa was conducted on 22nd, Navagraha Homa was conducted on 23rd, Ayush Homa was conducted on 24th and Chandika Homa was conducted on 25th. Amma came to the Yaga Shala at […]

24 Sep 2013, Amritapuri Today happens to be the Kartika day of Kerala’s Kanni month, Amma’s birth-day. For Amma this is yet another day of serving Her world. Tuesday is ashram’s meditation day, but Amma wanted to meet Her children come for seva. Amma also wanted to serve them all food. So yet another Onam! […]