24 Sep 2013 AshramDiary

Karthika in Kanni

24 Sep 2013, Amritapuri
Today happens to be the Kartika day of Kerala’s Kanni month, Amma’s birth-day.
For Amma this is yet another day of serving Her world. Tuesday is ashram’s meditation day, but Amma wanted to meet Her children come for seva. Amma also wanted to serve them all food. So yet another Onam!

Amma came down Her steps, was quite surprised to see Lakshmi – the elephant with her decked trunk. Amma rushed to meet Her, and fed her with fruits. All along the path many western men stood in traditional Indian clothes to offer pranams to Amma. The drummers and trumpeters led Amma as She quickly stretched Her arms to offer soft touch to those darling sons.
Amma smiled to all Her children on Her way, and going up the stage Amma assumed the peetham. She wanted to offer something special for Her children on this auspicious day. Meditation.
A gathering of thousands which was just one minute ago eager to have Amma’s embrace sat in pin drop silence, absorbed into meditation with Amma. It was as if one big invisible blanket of Sushuppti was spread over all of them. For about 40 minutes the full hall was all silent.
Except for the distant chanting of the Vedic mantras from the Chandika Mahayaga, which added an ambience to the atmosphere.