26 Sep 2013 AshramDiary

Filiming Amma

Monday, a new piece of the extraordinary puzzle of Amma’s birthday celebration came into place. A big film crew arrived with an impressive material of cameras to take some images about the 60th birthday. The director is Shekhar Kapur, renowned Indian film director.

An extensive interview with Amma was set in the hut down by her room and i hope to be able to have a full version of it.

After the interview, Amma first started to move as if she would go back to Her room. Then a TV journalist took his chance to ask Amma a few questions. Amma was so sweet and humble, telling that this is in this very village that she has been born, a traditional village where a girl of 12 years is not supposed to go out and meet people, and see what is happening now here. Laughing and caressing the man’s arm, she mentioned that her life could be an example for women, who have so much potential.
Then as time was going, Amma turned to walk to the beach for the usual session : meditation, questions, and darshan for those who are here.