Wednesday 25
This is the first day of the official celebrations, which will culminate on the 27th. Of course the festive atmosphere and the crowd have being building up since last week. But today is a turning point. The morning main question was: will Amma give today’s darshan still in Ashram or go to the other side to the birthday site. Yesterday night, the clear instructions came: there are so many people, Amma will give darshan the other side. So late evening, the ‘darshan crew’ started packing everything, sweets, apples, ashes, and many many other things.

But, today is also the ending of the Chandi Yaga on the ashram site, around 11am. And Amma is expected to come and bless the last phase of this very special ritual. So will she do that and after go the other side or will darshan still be in the ashram? Then the ex-president, Dr. Abdul Kalam, is also coming this morning to inaugurate the ‘think tank’ on the project of 101 villages, in the university. Amma will also see him. How all this will take place, where, the early morning was quite a stressing moment that can get relaxed only through surrender.

Now, it is noon, and I can see how harmonious and beautiful everything went, by Amma’s grace and also with the immediate adjustment of everyone to the situation. No place for the mind, just adjust!

Amma came to the yaga and was honoured as the master of the yaga. Huge offerings were poured in the fire with the mantras. So powerful and beautiful.
Then Amma walk to the stage, to meet her children. At that time she was told that Dr. Abdul Kalam was arriving, so little adjustment… Amma made sign to everyone that she is going to the side room and coming back. Meeting of 2 ‘old friends’… and finally Amma started darshan in Amritapuri.