Amma’s Munich children welcomed Her for a three day program on October 12, which marked Amma’s 26th visit to the city. Munich, the capital of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany, derives its name from the Old High German place name of ‘Munichen,’ which means ‘By the monks’ place.’

Amma’s entrance to the Kulturhalle Zenith hall on the first day was celebrated with the singing of the national hymn of Germany, the lyrics of which had been altered to honour Amma. The local devotees also marked Amma’s recent 60th birthday celebration on September 27th with belated birthday wishes.

The entire Munich program showcased the rich traditional culture of South Germany, with devotees dressing-up each day in traditional German costumes of lederhosen and dirndl outfits. The classical music of Germany was also a highlight, with locals performing some of the greats of the country, including the very beautiful Air on the G String by J S Bach.

Food was also on the ‘cultural menu’, with star attractions including crepes with melted chocolate and waffles with freshly whipped cream, cherries and a dusting of icing sugar, as well as a wide assortment of ‘kunchen’ or German cakes.

Amma hugged in to the early Munich hours before heading off to Paris.

– Lasita

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  1. I think maybe it was the European hymn (from Bethoveen 9th / Ode an die Freude), more than the German hymn, for Amma’s first entrance. Or am I wrong?

    Beautyful program anyway, herzlichen Dank / thanks to all Munich devotees.

  2. “Lederhosen” and “Dirndl” are not costumes, they are, to this day, traditional clothing, like the Dhoti in India, or the Sari. And they are not German but Bavarian/Austrian; also in Switzerland can be seen, but in Mannheim or Hamburg or Berlin you’ll have to search long!… And the is “Kuchen”. 🙂

  3. Ein Segen, sehr freundlich Segen der Heiligen Mutter.
    Ein tadelloser, makellose Angebot visinting die Stadt München seit 26 Jahren.

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