It was a nice evening at Berlin and many devotees had queued in for the second program of the day. There were claps after every Bhajan and a pin drop silence during the guided meditation. Amma’s Darshan had started and lines were not very small. The hall was the Velodrome, a big arena with a cycling track. As night turned into morning, Amma started speeding Darshan since there was a curfew at 2:30am. It was almost time and a lady with a letter came to Amma. One of the Darshan assistants read the letter to Amma and the lady had come around to listen to what Amma had to say. She had written saying that she felt being trapped in the external world was like living in a jail and the world seemed tough to change so why bother trying.

Amma listened to the question carefully and then said “Why does one have to think so? Even if life seems to be like living in a jail, one needs to try. Happiness is a decision. Wherever we are, it is unto us to remain happy. Beautifying our little jail room can hand us the key to escape it.” Saying so, Amma beamed at the lady. The face changed from sorrow to a smile.

Amma had reached almost the end and then she loudly announced “It is 2:30 and it is curfew”. Last person had his Darshan. Amma slowly stood up. A joyful bhajan tune was being played. Amma started dancing. Everyone crowded around the stage. Amma’s chair was pulled backwards. Amma swayed with her graceful hand movements while the song talked of how Krishna danced with Gopis. Those there saw the scene live. Amma paused and then walked down clapping on each one’s hands.

Even the last minute with Amma is a moment of happiness. Isn’t that our best decision to be with her?

– shyam

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  1. True. Amma is Sat-Chit-Ananda,
    the very embodiment of Blissful Existence and Infinite Knowledge.

    To be with Her is Her unconditional grace and blessing.

    Om Avyaaja Karuna Poora Purithaayai Namo Namah

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