18 Nov 2013 WithAmma

With Gratitute

A westerner living in Amritapuri commonly has the chance to leave India for Amma’s various Western tours at least once or twice a year. After living consecutively in Amritapuri for four years I found myself in Europe for the first time ever, tears streaming from my heart and down my eyes at the sight, sense, and beauty of Amma embracing her western children in Manheim and then again Milano.

I cannot describe the utter infinite beauty of Amma’s love for us…after taking for normal this blessed life to serve her so intimately, I was struck by the importance of Amma’s visits to the West. Three weeks in the West was enough to show me that with our Amma coming to us we are indeed blessed beyond a single compare. I am so grateful to return home now to India knowing that gratitude is not enough for the blessing this Goddess has graced all of us with. For those who live in India, Western or not, I pray for our hearts and minds to swell with gratitude and the deep understanding that this world needs Amma like the body needs air to breath, but more importantly that the Amma the world needs is the compassion, sweetness, strength, and selflessness she exemplifies and tries to teach us to follow.

I pray everyday to follow her as very best I can and show that gratitude and appreciation in all my thoughts words and actions. I pray to see the face of everyone I meet each day as the precious child of my most precious mother, and honor them as a result of her enduring hard work.


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