20 Nov 2013 Poems


I was dormant in a shell,
like a hermit in penance .
Many seasons passed by,
placing year rings on me.
Unaware I delved deeper,
to find an end to beginning.
and beginning to an end.

I felt my body crumbled.
My breathe chocked heavily.
My sinews stretched full,
as my body was burning.
My thoughts in flame,
I was turning into ashes.
I emptied my burden of mind.

Suddenly I was awakened,
rubbing my eyes I found
my dreams fall one by one.
Now I am weightless,
floating on the wings of grace.
I flutter my wings and float.

Oh! My Master you are my sky

by S Rangorath

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  1. Nicely written but make sure the winds of selfish desires will not shatter your hopes of floating or flying.

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