2 Dec 2013, Amritapuri

Archana was chanted an hour early at 4am.  By shortly after 5am the whole ashram was lined up from the gate to Amma’s room for her expected arrival at 6-6:30am.  Even people who will not normally spend 2 minutes in a Q without complaining or cutting it, patiently waited, even chanting their mantra peacefully!

We began to get updates.  Mobiles have some advantages.  She’s left airport.  She’s at Attingal.  She passed Parippally (did not stop).  She is at Kollam. Now she is at Karunagappally!!!!! She’s on the beach road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone is smiling. Hands folded in prayer and respect.  And finally after two months her car enters the gate!

The driver  goes slowly and carefully and Amma tries hard to look at everyone and touch their hand. When she arrives at her stairs, many of us feel very sad.  For the first time, Pattiamma, the oldest ashram resident, is not there to garland Amma.  She had died just 4 days before.  But Bhakti, the  canine devotee was there, making an indescribable sound somewhere between a howl and a whine.  Amma stopped and spent a little time with her before moving to the top of the steps for a few more words, waves and smiles.

Next in the welcoming ritual is to move to a vantage point where Amma can be seen as she goes to her room.   In the old days, she could lean out the window. And when I first lived here in the early Nineties, every day she would lean out her window and give instructions about various matters to people standing below.

We had to wait over 15 minutes for Amma to come to the window.  No one moved.  I looked around at the happy faces of my diverse, international and sometimes dysfunctional family.  All were so happy, but I couldn’t help feeling a little sad for all of those not here for this joyous moment.

To my amazement Swamiji was also standing at the car, looking up, waiting for a glimpse of Amma, surrounded by a sea of people.  He had just flown with Amma, driven in the car with her, but still he wanted one more look just like us.

Why do millions of people all over the world stand and wait to MAYBE get a glimpse of Amma, a touch of her hand?  Because, whatever projections and fantasies they have about Amma, deep in the soul they recognize her as Supreme Consciousness.  And what is that?  It is the foundation of creation, our home, our birthright.  The reason for this fortunate human birth.  And why is it so attractive? Because Supreme Consciousness is another word for love and bliss.  This is what every human desires and searches for their whole life…and today we have it right here at Amritapuri.  And because Amma exists, and because we have understood at least this much about her, we too have a chance to find that Consciousness within ourselves.

Rta S

Happy in Amritapuri

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  1. Yaa Jagadoddharini, Yaa Parama Paavani

    Saranam Amma Saranam Amma
    Saranam Saranam Saranamammaa …!

  2. Namah Shivaya
    Rta, my heart is overflowing. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
    You make a beautiful movie for our minds and hearts to connect with Amma! Blessings to you!
    JAI MA!
    still in Canada

  3. Wonderfully expressed and written! I can imagine the joy and happiness of all the people waiting to get a glimpse of AMMA!
    I have not had AMMA’s darshan-seen her from far- at one of her visits to Mumbai-public gathering!
    Reading this has made me more eager to experience Darshan & AMMA’s HUG!
    Thanks for the beautiful description and making us aware of THE SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS!

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