12 Dec 2013 Poems

Geetha Jayanthi

When a Jeevatma called “Arjuna,”
Was tormented by th’ laws of Karma,

Shaken to dust, wrecked an’ broken by strife,
By th’ most formidable currents of life.

Utterly dejected, hence he knew not
He could still be invincible an’ float,

Facing th’ existential foes, money, power an’ lust,
In the ocean of Samsara, so unbearable, an’ difficult.

Later, he built the fort of faith empowered,
By the strength of his surrender to the Lord,

Inquired about births, deaths and reincarnations,
The travelings of souls in different bodily forms.

Adhering to the Truth, and Virtue,
He made, God His slave yet a benign Guru,

Thus being served by God, and instructed,
Made his life worthy of being contemplated,

On his heroic deeds and enviable battles won,
The teachings of Gita on our lips ever live on.

– Sridhar

(13 December – Geetha Jayanthi)