2 Jan 2014, Amritapuri

Devi, the form of the Divine Mother is glorified in Hindu scriptures by various names attributing the formless and nameless Self in its compassionate form as the Mother. Yesterday was one such day of beautiful reminders.

Amma had been giving Darshan for more than 10 hours. Hall was crowded. As someone got up, the more people tried to squeeze into that space near Amma. Soon it was the end of Darshan. Swami had come to take a place next to Amma to help lead the pada puja conducted by some devotees. After half hour or so, Amma slowly got up and had taken a few steps. Like unrestrained kids, some western children started shouting “Name..Name” asking that they wanted Amma to give them a spiritual name. Amma retraced some steps and came back. She did not sit but started choosing and dedicating names to some western devotees. She would choose the name and point to some faces. Amma’s choice of names usually refer to a divine quality or the divinity itself.

After a few, Amma said she will give others some other time. Some faces turned dull. Immediately Amma said “Children giving a name is not just like that. It involves the Samsakaras from past too.” Saying so, although Amma had indicated she would stop, she went on pointing many of her eager children’s faces and giving them beautiful names.

Amma says “Mental purity will come through constant chanting of the divine name.” Perhaps that is why Sri Lalita says the Devi as “one who loves the repetition of her names”. Indeed, Amma looked pleased and smiling after giving so many new names to her children.

(read more on what Amma says on spiritual names)

– Shyam

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