Yesterday was truly a wonderful day for many near Amma. Amma seemed ever fresh even at 10 pm after almost 12 hours of Darshan. I was sitting in the hall beside her. Amma was jokingly chatting on with a small kid who sat beside her after receiving Darshan. Amma asked him if he knew bhajans and what else. The kid chatted loudly with Amma. With little brother and they were singing simple lines in broken Tamil with Amma. Amma was also talking back to them asking them to sing a few joy-focusing bhajans.

Taking things to another extreme, from afar, I even pondered whether Amma would call me out by name to a place right next to her like those kids. I calmed my mind saying those request are just for Amma and she can do what she likes. I was sitting at the very last of the row was almost 10 people away from Amma. Darshan was moving faster.

Suddenly one person in front got up and we started moving forward. Then a rapid succession of two or three and lo, I was 4-5 people closer to Amma. Suddenly Amma looked at us all and called me by name! So i got up and reached Amma on her side. Amma said “Come for Darshan!”. She had not only called me by name but also wanted to talk to me. She called to one of the Swamis and said “Look he does not come talking to me and i am supposed to hear him out.” I was awe-struck and was so happy that Amma indeed knew us as a true listener of hearts. Like with the candies for children, a small conversation put me in the happiest of moods. Amma fed me a chocolate prasad having consoled that petty childish desire.

Perhaps that is why Sri Lalita Saharanama embodies Devi as “Om kamadukhe Namah” – Salutations to the Devi who fulfills one’s desires.


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  1. AMMA knows not only the desires of the heart but also its diseases.

    So AMMA is so patient that desire will not turn out to be a disease.

    As swiftly as possible, AMMA fulfills all our innocent desires.

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