Who do you call when 10,000 kg of cement show up at your doorstep? Men with mules of course.


Men do not get off easy either


Each mule carries three bags at a time

Today we received a full truckload (200 – 50 kg bags) of cement. This is enough to build less than three houses. It took just five hours for six mules and their five handlers/loaders to move it all up the mountain to a community storage room in Batwadi Sonar where it will be kept dry and secure. Tomorrow we receive another truck load. Good thing they did not arrive together as planned.


Br Mukesh (with cap) at the cement store helping to pile up the bags

Br. Mukesh reminded me, “It is said that a mule remembers with every step the karma that brought it to this birth as a pack animal.” Gives new meaning to the expression “Don’t be an ass!”




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  1. Thank you so much for all your seva and especially for posting the news so diligently. Your communications are bringing this project to life for me, and bringing me there with you as well. Pranams to Premamritam Swami.

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