Everywhere you go, you see them. Women carrying heavy loads on their backs. Mostly it is huge bundles of grass or tree limbs for their cows, but I have also seen a full gas cylinder weighing 70 pounds in a basket.


The daily commute

This scene is repeated around the world in most agricultural communities. The striking thing here is how happy the village women appear. They often work in groups of 3 or 4, talking and laughing the whole time. They will stop with a full load on their back to talk with a passing friend. Younger women work alongside their elders and seem content to continue the traditional life rather than seeking something easier on the outside. Even the Pratan (mayor) cuts grass alongside her mother.


The highest tree limbs harvested

Living in harmony with nature was never said to be an easy life, only a rewarding one. People here are healthy. They breath clean air, eat plenty of fresh food, laugh and sing easily.


The best grass is always on the steepest slope

There is an unexpected resilience in this valley. Only 8 months after such a terrible tragedy, life moves on.
– Scotti