I saw her early in the morning, a small, tentative woman. She would come close to the truck for a short while then retreat, afraid to have hope. I knew by her manner she would not be on the list for a blanket.

She tried to tell the list-makers ​to include her name also in the list ​ but all in vain.

Sure enough, as we gave our final twenty blankets, she was still there
watching, knowing she would again be left behind. Br. Amit saw her too
and quietly found a way to slip her two blankets without drawing the attention
of the crowd.


She examined her blankets with care, neatly folded them, and proudly walked away with a huge smile on her face.

​​I swear she stood four inches taller. ​Following “The List” has been very helpful so that we may deliver the maximum number of blankets in a reasonable amount of time, but some times we have to break some rules, especially in such cases.

– Scotti