Unlike the Kashmiri Medical Relief Camps which involved 30 people, it was only Br. Amit and I who returned to Bandipora to distribute 3000 blankets. I was busy documenting the project, so the whole job fell on Br. Amit.

I write about him, not because he is exceptional in any way. Rather, he is a common example of those Brahmachari and Brahmacharini who Amma sends away from her with huge tasks like this. We in the west have no idea how hard they work for their beloved Amma.


Swami Nijamrita bought good, heavy blankets. A whole truck load weighs several thousand kilos. Although we had local helpers, Br. Amit handled the majority of them, one at a time, delivering each with a smile.


Probably more difficult was the task of coordinating our mission. District Commissioner Shah Faesel above, was especially helpful, but the logistics of,transportation, finding local help, and communication with village leaders was challenging.


Following Amma’s example of nearly endless darshan, Br. Amit worked long hours, often continuing into darkness, without any sign of fatigue. He said “Amma gives us so much energy that we go beyond our normal mental and physical capabilities”.

Such is the life of those dedicated to Amma’s service.

– Scotti