Sitting near Amma saw another amazing baby interaction.

New York Abeyada comes to sit for meditation on stage during Amma’s darshan holding her one and a half year old baby Lalita.
Lalita, however, has other plans… no sitting quietly for her. She wants one thing and one thing only – to get to Amma. It doesn’t matter to her that she can’t walk yet. She crawls, holds, falls over all of us until she makes her way up to Amma chair.

Lalita talks to Amma, she calls Amma’s name (Abeyada said: I could not make out ‘Amma’ in her baby talk…) She is trying and trying to crawl on to Amma’s lap – but she cannot because her little brown head doesn’t reach Amma’s knee!!

Amma looks down at her and laughs and shakes her finger at the baby with a teasing look of ‘You’d better behave now!’

The tiny thing keeps trying to get up on Amma’s chair while Amma gives darshan. Amma laughs, talks to her and makes teasing faces.
I was right there trying to hold the baby, Amma laughs and teasingly tells me not to help her up. Amma is enjoying her determination to get nearer to her.
Amma calls her Bhadra Kali!! This toddler is not taking no for an answer…Now she is climbing on the person giving prasad to get nearer to Amma….
This went on for 20 minutes – Amma laughing and speaking to her in Malayalam, scolding her playfully, laughing and laughing at this determined little thing…

What an amazing darshan for this baby and for all of us witnessing it.
Let us all have this innocent determination for Amma!

Sundari, USA

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  1. Yadevi Sarva Bhuteshu Vishnumaayeti Samsthiha
    Namasthasmai Namasthasmai Namasthasmai Namo Namah

  2. Thank you for the loving and devotional post, Lalita sure is determined to reach the goal❤. One correction though, Lalita is only 13 months old.

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