Local doctors from Kashmir are still helping us with conducting medical camps in the Kashmir valley. On 9th February, a camp was organized in the village Kunzpora. The team was surprised to find that this was the first medical camp here post devastating floods last year. The team was able to cater to around 500 patients, including children. They were provided with high quality health supplements, Antibiotics, Pain killers, Multi-vitamins etc.
As I spoke to the team few minutes back, they shared their experiences and how blessed they felt doing this selfless service to humanity.
Dr Yavar (one of the local doctors, who is helping us), is playing a major role in conducting these camps.


I feel happy knowing that Amma’s sankalpa to help the flood affected in Kashmir valley is still blossoming. I still remember, few days after kashmir floods during late night , when Amma called me an expressed Her wish to help the needy in Kashmir valley. Ever since, I have witnessed many incidents with awe and wonder, which have made me realize the power of Mahatma’s sankalpa.

​Towards the end of the camp it became quite difficult to manage, as almost whole village turned up hearing about “free medical camp”.


Kunzpora is located on the banks of Wular lake near Lankreshipora village. The word ‘Kunz’ means ‘Key’ in kashmiri language. As I heard this the name of the village, it reminded me of Amma’s words, that “My Dear Children! The selfless service is indeed the key to God”.

May Amma, The Master, bless us all with this Master Key!

– Amit