26 Sep 2015, Amritapuri

Mrs. Bexci P. Britto, Assistant Professor at Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, who was at the ashram for the first time, shared her experience about meeting Amma.

“A few things are inexpressible in life and they go by the term “zing factor”. I had such an experience here today. It was a fulfilling experience.

Amma spends hours at a stretch meeting her children, yet makes it seem like an effortless job. I have neither heard of nor seen any other god-men or god-women doing the same. Witnessing this here today directly, right in front of my eyes, had a great effect on me. I do hope that the effect grows within more and more, bringing about positive transformation in me. I consider everything here to be an embodiment of Amma. The banyan tree, the birds, animals – everything is Amma. A cat was looking at me and I felt it was Amma looking at me through its eyes. Everything here is One – it’s oneness and complete in itself”

In my mind, I have accepted Amma as my Guru. I pray to Amma that I should be able to receive all the blessings and positive energy from Amma wherever I may be.

– Prashant