One could say that Amma is always dancing. Her every movement is so graceful and captivating. Pondering that, is it because she is always completely relaxed? Or is it because she is always focused, always in meditation? For whatever reason, every movement evokes a delighted response from her devotees. A special treat at the Munich program was watching Amma come and go across a catwalk one story above the floor of the hall from her room to the stage. The moment she left her room, a different musical group each time, dressed in local traditional costumes began to play and a bower of roses was lifted for Amma to walk through. It was a unique and heartfelt welcome, different from any other place.

This year, when Amma left for her room at the end of the first day’s darshan, she danced all the way across the catwalk. The Baduga music, which has been a feature of the Europe tour this year, was playing and as she walked, she added a few movements and dance steps in her slow progression above the crowd. She seemed to be lost in the dance, in her own world. However, arriving at the door to her room, she seemed to come back to our world and leaned over the rail gazing at everyone lovingly.

On other occasions, she slowly walked, gracefully clapping her hands. At the door to her room, she chanted, “Maharani ki Jai” or sometimes just made a graceful gesture sweeping everyone into her heart and throwing kisses to the smiling faces below. The crowd would then disperse to await Amma’s arrival for the next joyful program.

Amma came and went 5 times from her room to the stage and the sixth time she left the stage for her camper to begin the drive to Winterthur, Switzerland. This was a bittersweet departure for those seeing Amma off, many with flower petals from the flower shower still in their hair. And some chanting their newly acquired mantras. Shortly afterward, the tour group boarded the buses and waved good-by to our many friends in Munich. We hoped to see them again somewhere on the tour, where Amma would surely again be dancing. In fact, isn’t Amma is always dancing, along with all creation?

Rta S.
Munich, Germany, Europe Yatra 2015