You can donate if you wish to support Kerala flood relief activities. Go to Amma's website, select from the drop-down menu from here. Om Namah Shivaya#KeralaFloodRelief #Keraladonation — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 18, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, Swami Poornamritananda, serving food for the #KeralaFloodRelief campers at MAM Kochi — Amma Chimes (@AmmaChimes) August 17, 2018 ,•’“’•,•’“’•,,•’“’•,•’“’•, […]

Batwadi is a special village. Located on the hillside above flood ravaged areas of Chandrapuri, Batwadi found room for us to build 15 “Amma Houses” scattered across their fields. The people of Batwadi have embraced Amma and everything we are doing in Uttarakhand. Most noteable is how so many villagers will turn out to help […]

The scenes in all villages are similar… scenes of desolation. Where there were settlements, there are mounds of rubble. Almost nothing is left of the villages here. Almost no houses survive. And even in the towns and cities have not been spared – townships like Bhaktapur and Saku have seen large scale devastation, where vast […]

We are in Sindhupal Chowk, the most affected area as far as causalities and maybe even in damages. The district has seen 1,800 or more causalities. When we commit such figures to paper they seem to lose their life – one more figure in an endless stream of figures. I stood in front of a […]

30 April, Nepal If we could think of a name for this small lane, it could well be ‘Misery Lane’. The houses here are big. They used to house joint families, some houses having 20 or 30 members. But unfortunately these were old multi-storey structures made of bricks and mud….and it all came tumbling down. […]

The reconstruction work that has been done after the Uttarakhand Floods of 2013 by Amma’s “Embracing the World” teams and other NGO’s could not have been completed without the help of Nepali workers. With grace, they have shouldered the burden of carrying construction materials over very steep trails to all of our housing sites. Their […]

We are in Nepal to assess the situation here….. The towers are down, there is barely any power and water and people stay out in open parks, fearing to return to their damaged homes. Any open area is dotted with tents and tarpaulins… Thousands of people either sit, many sleep, some eat what they can […]

When I saw this room, I thought it had been abandoned for some time. Instead, I was shocked to find it was an active classroom in use only one week before. Judging by the posters left on the wall, this is a science classroom. As response to the immediate needs of Uttarakhand flood victims wraps […]

Nothing is wasted and a great care is taken to keep everything from the demolition. Each stone is kept aside for the construction of the new building and the boards can be used for making benches and desks for the schools.