Amritavarsham’62! On this special occasion of our beloved Amma’s birthday we got an opportunity to interact with Brahmacharini Soumya and a MTech student, Swati Negi, who are coordinating the gifting of sarees to the poor people and all the projects related to women empowerment. “Since many years Amma is doing Vastradaanam during her birthday celebrations” […]

A large tract of land near Delhi (Faridabad) has been acquired for a new Amrita Hospital and University. Until construction begins, Amma has instructed the land be used for farming. More than 50% of the 1000+ kilos of fresh vegetables to be served during her Delhi Program will come from this farm. An additional blessing […]

Under intermittent showers and sunshine, the Ganesh murti arrived in Amritapuri in the late afternoon of August 28th. The “Remover of Obstacles” was carried from the Ayurveda beach accompanied by enthusiastic singing and the majestic Lakshmi the elephant, wearing her festival regalia. The procession passed along the beach road of Amma’s natal village and the […]

Sankranti is a solar festival; Sun changes his path to northward (solstice). The day is celebrated by different cultures differently all over India. In South India it is also called Pongal as it is associated with the harvest. The day is dedicated to worship of Nature. Amma often remembers this festival from her childhood as […]

This afternoon, to the rhythmic ceremonial drumming of the Parippally Panchavatyam ensemble, and accompanied by the ashram elephant, Laxshmi, our beloved Ganesh murti rolled out the ashram gate to the sea. Before that he was offered one more round of rousing bhajans and arati at the kalari and then a big procession took him to […]

With Amma’s sweet instructions not to be spendthrift, and to use only indigenous flowers , the pookalam aspirants now have less but more sensible choices before them. As a result they have become more creative than ever. Using the flowers as a whole, without plucking at their petals, the young aspirants –this time both boys […]

Onam brings with it many special joys. The early preparations for this happy event make it a festival of flowers. Floral decorations adorn every household. With time the fine ritual like any other begins to assume the shape of a bane practice. Unfortunately, neglecting to grow flowers, people begin to buy flowers in huge competitive […]

Even as the Ramayana month, or Karkataka masa, of the proverbial heavy rains, ended with scanty irregular showers, Onam set in, bringing in joy. It reminds one of Shelley’s famous line, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Here is all color. Amma is right now residing in the heart center of the world, […]

8 mar 2012, amrtapuri early in the day it was very much in the air that amma may play holi. when? no one knew. i saw some devotees walking around with some colour powder. so it was obvious that something might happen. but when? no one knew. remember? back in 2007, in mysore, one devotee […]