Amritavarsham’62! On this special occasion of our beloved Amma’s birthday we got an opportunity to interact with Brahmacharini Soumya and a MTech student, Swati Negi, who are coordinating the gifting of sarees to the poor people and all the projects related to women empowerment.


Amma handing over a set of Saris to Justice KB Sridevi to distribute

“Since many years Amma is doing Vastradaanam during her birthday celebrations” said Bri Saumya. “This year we are giving around four lakhs of sarees and it is mainly for the AmritaNidhi pension scheme beneficiaries of the villagers. MAM has adopted 101 villages, for all the women in those villages, and also for the mothers of students who are enrolled for Vidyamritam scholarship will be receiving these saris.

Saris to be distributed

“Two years ago it was only 50,000 sarees, last year it was one and half lakhs and this year it is around four lakhs. We have been working for last three to four months for this whole planning. For each and every step, we are guided and instructed by Amma. The saree selection is done by Amma. She goes to the minutest detail in everything. It is wonderful doing the seva and only after you finish it, when you look back, you understand it is only because of Amma’s power that the whole thing went off smoothly. It’s certainly not a human being’s power at work here! You should see the truck loads of items which get unloaded as stock. Four lakhs saris is not a joke” said Saumya.

– Prashant and Megha