Amma says – “Just as when our left hand is hurt, the right arm moves to give succor, to apply medicine, and to caress the hurt arm without any need to think, so too should we serve the ailing and needy”. Though India is diverse it is one, so when Kashmir is affected there is […]

Imagine somebody who has embraced over 34 million persons individually. Imagine someone who has travelled across continents, year after year, for 40 years, wiping the tears of those seeking solace– irrespective of country, colour, caste or socio-economic background. Imagine a being, whose sole mission in life is to shower unconditional love and compassion.Imagine a person […]

Today we went to Pancheri, a village which is about 40kms from Udhampur town. When we reached the closest point, we got off our car and talked to some local people including the Pradhan about the existing situations there. He told us that about 60houses had disappeared in the land slide and 40 people had […]

Last week during darshan, I remained at Amma’s side for some time. It wasn’t long before a middle-aged woman came for darshan. She was from central Kerala. It was her first time meeting Amma. She told Amma that early this year her husband had been fishing around 3:00 a.m., casting his net from the boat, […]

I started volunteering at Embracing the World’s Children’s Home near Nairobi in 2010 as a reluctant and shy volunteer. My parents would have to practically force me to go to the home. I think this was because I wasn’t quite comfortable with the community around me, as I had never interacted or talked with them. […]

A couple of years ago, I attended Amma’s Japan programs. After Amma’s program in Tokyo, I went to see the local temples. I went to the Sensō-ji temple, which is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple, and one of its most significant. The temple is dedicated to […]

A survivor of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake shares her experience My name is Laxmi. As a child, I lived with my family in Gujarat. On January 26, 2001, an earthquake hit our lives. I saw our apartment collapse right before my eyes. I could only see dust and debris everywhere. I heard a lot of […]

2 April 2014, Amritapuri Since Thursday evening Bhakti’s mood is changed. When Amma was away on Ernakulam and Trissur tour till then, I saw her in forlorn mood, sitting just anywhere, and only raising brows to look up at anyone who called her, never raising the head. So forlorn! Yesterday evening Amma arrived in the […]

Amma always reminds us how important it is to have awareness in each and every action of ours. The following incident reminded me just how important it is to put Amma’s advice into practice in everyday life. It was during a spiritual programme with one of Amma’s disciples in Dublin, Ireland. It was my duty […]