You are now on sweet sixty’s shore May you live at least another six hundred more, In our hearts and in those yet to come, Spreading the fragnance of your boundless love With your heart you moved mountains Did only what a divine being can do Every work an edifice of deep compassion, Where selfless […]

On the morning of Amma’s 59th Birthday tens of thousands of people surged into the great hall that was constructed for the occasion on the Amrita University grounds across from Amritapuri. This outdoor venue consisted of an enormous tin roof the size of two big football fields. Flowers of all colors adorned the length of […]

Amritapuri, Monday 27th September 2010, 8:45am: Amma leaves her room heading to the stage where the programs celebrating her 57th Birthday are about to start… Amritapuri, Tuesday 28th September 2010, 9:05am: After more than 24 hours, including 19 hours of continuous darshan, Amma is back to her room… Celebrating her birthday? … or making others […]

Aum Five video clips of Amma’s Birthday Padapuja are now available on YouTube: Clip 1: Padapuja – close up on Amma Clip 2: Padapuja – Swamiji chants the 108 names of Amma Clip 3: Padapuja – end of chanting Clip 4: Padapuja – Swamiji putting sandal paste and Kumkum on Amma’s Feet and forehead Clip […]

Aum Amriteswrayai namah The padapuja was a great and beautiful event. Hope you enjoy the photos below. More photos and padapuja video clips soon to be available on the site! Love to all from Amritapuri!

Question 170: “What would be your ideal gift for Amma on Her Birthday?” Please make your answer clear and brief (maximum 5 or 6 lines).