One of the things that took us all by surprise often was the number of people who came to eat. Initially we started seating everybody and serving them but soon found out that this would be a fatal experience. Firstly the number of people who came to eat was a sizeable one and the people […]

Cyclone Relief – West Bengal 2009 With great difficulty we managed to carry all the stores and supplies from the launch alighting point to the village. Many locals also helped us. The village was totally ravaged by the flood waters. Roads were washed away and houses damaged. Huge stacks of hay had been displaced and […]

4 th June 2009, Deulbari , W Bengal Cyclone Relief – West Bengal 2009 The next two days went off similarly. One the 3rd day some senior government officials came to visit the camp and were generally happy with the work that was being done. While discussing they mentioned that there was some local talk […]

Bengal Cyclone relief 2009 Naginabad Village, 1st June 2009 A member of the local Panchayat showed me around the island which was surrounded by rivers and backwaters on either side. He pointed out the huge breach in the embankment in one place through which the major quantity of salt waters had entered the villages, inundated […]

Bengal Cylone Releif 2009 31st May 2009, Naginabad Village The first patient arrived at 5AM and we had to gently convey to him that the clinic would not open until 8AM as everything had to be set up. We soon organized the store, the kitchen and the clinic along with the pharmacy. It took more […]

Bengal Cylone Releif 2009 Preparations and the first day at the camp 30th May 2009 The day (26th May 2009) dawned as usual with rain bringing great relief for the people of Calcutta, who were roasted under the scorching heat for nearly a month. The people were set to their daily routine. Suddenly at about […]