Christmas Day in Amritapuri was celebrated with a 1-1/2  hour set of Christmas Carols from around the world sung while Amma was giving darshan on the stage. Groups from the US and Europe, sang traditional carols in their respective languages accompanied by keyboard, zither, bells, and clarinet. 18 carols were sung in all with words […]

Over 1800 foreign visitors from around the world have come to Amritapuri to celebrate Christmas with Amma. Festive decorations and lights adorn the International Canteen, and a small tree with a nativity scene lies at the base of the stairs to Amma’s room. Close to 150 children of different nationalities make up part of this […]

My celebration of Christmas began on the beach in the late afternoon of December 24th. The waves were rushing to the shore reverberating against the rocks. The sea breeze cooled us. Eagles circled overhead. Several hundred devotees were sitting around Amma under the palms; cross-legged on the sand before her, perched on chairs and leaning […]