Over 1800 foreign visitors from around the world have come to Amritapuri to celebrate Christmas with Amma. Festive decorations and lights adorn the International Canteen, and a small tree with a nativity scene lies at the base of the stairs to Amma’s room.


Close to 150 children of different nationalities make up part of this mix. 12 year old Kishan from the UK and 9 year old Hermanni (Sandeep) from Finland especially love the annual play which is put on by the International residents and visitors and performed on Christmas Eve. Kishan went on to say that he loves to see ‘people’s smiling faces,’ and that it is indeed special to spend the holidays with the Divine Mother of the Universe.

Sandeep noted that he loves the warm weather, although this is somewhat disappointing for other children. One young girl from the US innocently asked her mother when it was going to snow!

– Sri Pati