For the second year in a row, Japanese university students have come to Chandrapuri to help with Amma’s Uttarakhand Rehabilitation Projects. Last year they built houses for flood victims. This year 65 members of International Volunteer University Students Association will focus their work on two area schools. After two days travel from Delhi by train […]

Five people live in this beautiful one bedroom home, Dharmendra, his wife, and two children, plus his mother. There is a kitchen on the far end, bedroom in the middle, a sitting room at the front, plus the small veranda all packed into just 400 square feet. The kitchen is clean, bright, and very spacious […]

One of the largest landslides from last years Uttarakhand flooding started far above the Mandakini River at Bhiri. Houses were destroyed, but because it happened one week after the flood, the government considered this a seperate incident. The affected families did not qualify for the same level of aid as other flood victims. We found […]

Three years ago, a group of houses in the village of Siror, near Uttarkashi, began to slide into the Ganges. Families were given temporary shelters like the blue structure below, on the left. However, they were not scheduled for any further assistance to build better homes. Many would be living in these tin sheds for […]

We are building a new double house for Vikram on a steep slope, high above the river level. His house washed away in floods just ten months ago. Vikram, his wife Anita, and their two sons will live in one half while his parents and brother will live in the other half. It is common […]

A wedding is one of the top expressions of Garhwali culture, bringing together large extended families, with good food and festivities. As a cultural experience, the wedding of Harish and Pria was a fascinating day. Yes, the bride was beautiful. However, as I look through the hundreds of photos I took of this event, I […]

I have told you in the past about Shanti Devi, the recipient of our first house, but have said little about her son Harish who will also be living there. He too shares her pain, the loss of a father, brother, and the mules that were the source of his family’s income. Today Harish was […]

07 April 2014 I am here in Batawari, Uttarakhand for the last few days to document the work of the volunteers. today land slide happened right in front of us when me and sudheer were walking with village ladies. it was just 5 meter in front of us! 2 villagers fell down, but they were […]

“Hariyuva nadiya kalaravadalli kelutaliruvudu ammanaama!” I heard a brahmachari singing to himself the above lines as we some of us Amma children were trekking along the Mandakini River in deeper Himalayas. When Amma is available in Amritapuri, all would throng there; but Her children posted in Himalayas have to complete as much of Her work […]