This past week over 200 devotees and Bay Area environmentalists of all ages planted nearly 700 trees and shrubs on the hillsides of the M.A. Center. While we planted, we could hear bhajans  ringing out from the temple as Amma gave darshan. It was such a sweet way to come together in service and all who participated were filled with joy and deeply moved.

Amma says, “The biggest threat to mankind is the loss of nature’s harmony and our widening separation from her.”

It was truly inspiring to see so many of Amma’s children taking action to restore this harmony and reawaken our own relationship with the earth. May our small effort grow into a movement cultivating love, respect and care for nature that assures health and abundance for future generations.

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  1. During a December Greenfriend retreat at the French Amma centre, trees were planted. The tree planting had been sponsored during Amma’s programmes in France. The trees came from all over the world to represent the diversity of people.

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