O mother, when I took my first steps,
You were there.
When I started laughing merrily at every site,
You joined with me.
When I created a world of my own,
You watched me silently.
Still, in every steps of mine
You walked with me.
When I went through sufferings,
You showered your love on me
When I struggled to find a reason,
You taught me to blame on myself.
In my each and every sufferings,
You showed me the pain of others,
When tears rolled down my cheeks,
You whispered into my ears “You are mine”

You taught me to be brave,
You taught me to relax not to react,
You taught me to forgive not to point at.

Now, this despondent child of Yours,
Struggling in darkness to find a way back,
Seeking Your hands to hold …

Your child begs you to forgive,
Your child begs you to take her with you,
It seeks a place in your lap to be at peace…

Nimmy K

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  1. Aum Namah Shivaya Nimmy
    What turns us into despondency,
    Should we not discard with prompt hesitance,
    Knowing forever that mistakes are enemies.

  2. Wah!!! nice poem…. the turbulent flow of true love… Nice Nimmy, normally people blame god for their sufferings…but u… it’s really great …

  3. Great. A wonderful poem. It is a real prayer came out from deep devotion.

    May AMMA fulfil your prayers.

  4. Oh, so sweet, with a greatfull heart, i thank you for sharing this beautiful supplication from your heart with your brothers and sisters, very touching.

  5. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt prayer, from deep within! …it has become my prayer also, from now!

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