8 Dec 2008 AshramDiary

Heart and Soul

The moment arrived yesterday at around 1 pm, when Amma’s tour caravan pulled up in front of the temple and the thirsting of her children was quenched by the sight of her gracious form. The life and soul of the ashram was reinstated and the hearts of everyone once again overflowed with light. For those who did not go on the European tour it has been a long time of introspection and longing. Maybe the webcasts help a little but no projection can match the living flame.

Already today despite the huge workload that Amma has waiting for her after the tour she could not resist coming out for at least a glimpse of her children. A short meditation and a bhajan were followed by darshan.

In the evening Amma came early for bhajans and sang for a long time. Included were the following songs:

Gopala Govinda Krishna
Niilambuja Nayane
Hun to Ma
Man Re
Vilvattal Arcittom
Aldbhuta Charitre
Ambe Jagadambe

So much joy and happiness were apparent on everyone’s faces that I could not help but wonder once again at the miracle of Amma and the unique connection between her and the devotees. It is beyond description and rationality, and yes, it must seem a little strange to the uninitiated, but since when has love considered outward appearances.