19 Aug 2008 AshramDiary

Love & Life

an indian couple was getting amma’s darshan. the woman had lots of complaints. they fought often. amma told the man “you already married four times. you’re too old. you will not get another wife. take care of her children as well as yours. start loving them. without adjustments, peace is not possible.”

it was a very interesting teaching and a fact of life.

just by marrying as much as you want, you do not get love or evolve in love. love is something you have to give. allow yourself to accommodate the other in your heart as he or she is.

~ dhyanamrita

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  1. 🙂
    let me add on….u need not be necessarily married to someone, to love him/her….love is something u have to give and that too expecting nothing in return………..love without expectations is the truest love…

  2. What I like the most of this amritapuri website is ‘The thought of the moment’ its so touching, teaches us so many things, it’s so accurate, universal thinking, deep meaning it has, lessons on life, I keep refreshing the page to see the next thought, & i note them in my book, I only feel sad that I am little late in reading & understanding the meanings of them & failed to understand the meaning of life and our self truth & how important it is to lead a calm & harmonious life.

  3. While reading amma’s thoughts, we can understand and feel what a great mind she has and understanding of the world and surroundings. Today we are failing to understand the meaning of life and our goal is not to make money and own a huge house, but to live happy with our parents and respect them.

  4. I have been hearing and seeing her on tv, news & website and hearing of from relatives and friends, but never took an opportunity to meet her as yet. I am sure I will meet her one day atleast and if I could hug her and feel this great mind. I have seen her once in my dream a couple of years back. I know she has the answers to all our queries and troubles. She could explain to us our concerns & problems.We respect her.

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